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AGRIPROCESS TOKYO covers the concept of 6th industrialization in the Japanese agriculture industry, which has been the movement that the farmers produce, process and sell products by themselves. Food processing machinery, freshness management, sales support service, etc. are showcased at the show.

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Food Processing Equipment Zone

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Concurrent Shows

The latest agricultural materials and products all under one roof.
- Substrate                                           - Agrichemical
- Fertiliser                                             - Agricultural machinery
- Horticultural supply                         - Livestock supply                 etc.

Next-generation agricultural technologies all under one roof.
- IT solution for agriculture
- Agriculture drone
- Plant factory system & equipment
- Photovoltaic generation system for farms                                   etc.

All kinds of livestock supplies and equipment under one roof.
- Feeding Machinery                           - Livestock Fencing/Gate
- Egg Sorting/Grading Machinery     - Animal Health Management
- Feedstuff, Additives                          - Container, Truck
- Vaccine                                                                                                etc.