*Largest in reference to the exhibitor number of trade show with the same concept.

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AGRITECH TOKYO showcases fundamental agricultural materials and technologies such as agricultural machinery, fertilisers, substrates, agrichemicals, horticultural supplies, etc.

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Special Exhibit Zones

Soil Analysis Zone

Agriculture Machinery Zone

Soils, Fertilisers & Soil Conditioners Zone

Greenhouse Horticulture Zone

Agricultural Damage Control Zone

Farmers Assistance Zone

Concurrent Shows

Next-generation agricultural technologies all under one roof.
- IT solution for agriculture
- Agriculture drone
- Plant factory system & equipment
- Photovoltaic generation system for farms                     etc.

Fresh produce processing & sales support service for farmers all under one roof.
- Processing machinery                      - OEM (sweets, foods, etc.)
- Freshness management                  - Packaging
- Logistics system                                                                  etc.

All kinds of livestock supplies and equipment under one roof.
- Feeding Machinery                           - Livestock Fencing/Gate
- Egg Sorting/Grading Machinery     - Animal Health Management
- Feedstuff, Additives                          - Container, Truck
- Vaccine                                                                                  etc.