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Why Exhibit

Check benefits of exhibiting, targeted products/services, etc.

Exhibitor Support Service

Show Management offers various Support Services for exhibitors.

Tentative Schedule

Schedule from the decision of booth location to the day of the show.

AGRI WEEK TOKYO consists of the following 4 shows.

A: Request for Exhibiting Information via the online request form.

Click here for Exhibiting Information Request

A: Submit the Exhibiting Information Request form or contact Show Management.
Show Management will send you exhibiting information materials.

Click here for Exhibiting Information Request

A: There is no specific deadline for the submission. Please be informed that the booth will be booked on a first-come-first-served basis and when reached its capacity, we will close the application process accordingly.

Click here for Tentative Schedule

A: It varies depending on the booth size and exhibit products. Please check the following for your reference. If you would like to know the cost estimation, please feel free to contact us.

a. Raw Space Booking
b. Display Cost (Construction fee, furniture, etc.)
c. Other Expenses (Printing catalog, promotional goods, etc.)

A: Special discount available for exhibit space booked during the show for the upcoming editions.

A: There are several Rental Display packages for exhibitors. All the packages include basic furniture, electrical service, etc. as well as booth construction/removal fee. For detailed information, please contact Show Management.

A: Yes. Please contact Show Management for the latest booth availability.

A: "Exhibitors' Product/service Seminar" are held within the exhibition halls during the show and presentation slots are sold exclusively to exhibitors. Contact Show Management for details.

A: Yes, but please do not distribute them outside your booth area.

Other Exhibiting Information